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Brooks Drive Mesh Run Bra


Brooks Drive Mesh Run Bra

Product Description

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Interlace Run Bra 3 Pocket Run Bra Convertible Run Bra Mesh Run Bra
Closure System Hook-and-eye back closure Pullover Hook-and-eye back closure Pullover
Sizes 30–40 A/B, C/D, DD/E, F/FF 30–40 A/B, C/D, DD/E 32-40 B-F XS–XXL
Recommended for: Runners who want breathability and modern style, the Drive Interlace bra offers all that plus compression support that moves with the body. Runners who wish they could bring more stuff with them on the run, the Drive 3 Pocket has clever storage options for phone, keys, ID, snacks, and anything else. Runners who want the ease of a pullover bra but the secure fit of built-in cups that most pullover sports bras don’t provide. Runners who want compressive support in a unique, layered design, the mesh overlay and secure high-neck under layer create an eye-catching combination.
Impact Level High High High High
Cups No built-in cup Envelope pockets keep removable cups secure for customizable coverage. Molded cups Envelope pockets keep removable cups secure for customizable coverage.
Design Modern Style Modern Style Streamlined Silhouette Free-cut back with unique mesh overlay creates a bold mix of colors and materials — without sacrificing comfort and security.
Adjustability Adjustable back closure Adjustable back straps
Support/Impact Experience Run-Ready Support; Encapsulation Run-Ready Support; Encapsulation Run-Ready Support; Encapsulation Run-Ready Support; Encapsulation
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Brooks Drive Mesh Run Bra

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