Santa Cruz Super sale period limited Shredder Aluminum Herb Grinder 4 4" 2 Piece 3 S Large Santa Cruz Super sale period limited Shredder Aluminum Herb Grinder 4 4" 2 Piece 3 S Large $62 Santa Cruz Shredder Aluminum Herb Grinder 4 Piece Large 2 3/4" S Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining S,Shredder,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Santa,4,Herb,Aluminum,,Cruz,Piece,3/4",$62,Large,Grinder,2,/futurize1676409.html $62 Santa Cruz Shredder Aluminum Herb Grinder 4 Piece Large 2 3/4" S Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining S,Shredder,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Santa,4,Herb,Aluminum,,Cruz,Piece,3/4",$62,Large,Grinder,2,/futurize1676409.html

Santa Cruz Super sale period limited Shredder Aluminum Herb Grinder 4 4

Santa Cruz Shredder Aluminum Herb Grinder 4 Piece Large 2 3/4" S


Santa Cruz Shredder Aluminum Herb Grinder 4 Piece Large 2 3/4" S

Product Description

Aluminium Grinder


Santa Cruz Shredder is synonymous with premium quality.

This medical-grade anodized aluminum herb grinder is the ultimate material in grinding technology. Every element of the Shredder has been analyzed and improved upon, from the revolutionary tooth design and threading pattern to the rare earth magnet used in the lid closure system. The superior texture grip makes the Santa Cruz Grinder an ideal and most convenient tool to use when it comes to grinding your herbs.


90% of the generic grinders are not designed to perfection which causes constant rubbing of the teeth which dulls the metal. Burrs amp; tiny flakes of aluminum are constantly falling into your smoking blend. This is not only UNHEALTHY but TOXIC to the consumer.

The grinding pressure will cause “METAL FATIGUE” resulting in the eventual breakage of the tooth and releasing even more flakes of aluminum into your dry herb blend.

Our teeth are radius at the base for strength and will take extreme use. Twice as strong, it will not dull and will not release flakes of aluminum. Our teeth are designed to cut multiple ways, which include clearances on both sides of the teeth (not to slice or smash herb), to get "FLUFF TO PERFECT“ grind.

santa cruz shredder 4 piece medium santa cruz 3pc medium santa cruz 2 piece medium grinder
Diameter 2.2" 2.2 2.2"
Height 2" 1.5 0.7
Weight 0.5oz 0.3oz 0.3oz
Multiple Color Option
Made in USA
Grip Krunled Krunled
Premium Quality Aluminium Aluminium
Ultrasonic cleansed


Santa Cruz Shredder carefully analyzed the inner workings of the grinders available on the market and how proper tooth design should work with a special computer program called Siemens CAD and invented the most ”perfect” shredding tooth design ever conceived by man. The design is unique due to it is not touching while shifting the top and bottom parts.

Our proprietary design eliminated the frustrating problem of binding amp; permanent seizing of the screw-together parts. Our “7-Catch Design” includes anodized and threaded surfaces that fixes the issue with “galling” which is a fancy term of metal grinding to each other while shifting.


We developed a unique and proprietary thread pattern designed to eliminate the binding amp; permanent seizing of the screw-together parts. We anodize the threaded surfaces to eliminate “galling”. Galling is a form of surface damage arising between two sliding metals in contact with one another.



santa cruz shredder superior grip


santa cruz grinder anodized aluminum


santa cruz scratch resistant


Santa Cruz Shredder Aluminum Herb Grinder 4 Piece Large 2 3/4" S

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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