$62 PEARL IZUMI Women's Rove Short Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation High quality new PEARL IZUMI Women's Rove Short $62 PEARL IZUMI Women's Rove Short Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation /designedly1820241.html,Rove,Women's,PEARL,Short,IZUMI,www.theokellos.com,$62,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation /designedly1820241.html,Rove,Women's,PEARL,Short,IZUMI,www.theokellos.com,$62,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation High quality new PEARL IZUMI Women's Rove Short

High quality new PEARL Ranking TOP11 IZUMI Women's Rove Short

PEARL IZUMI Women's Rove Short


PEARL IZUMI Women's Rove Short

Product description

This is no ordinary short. Stylish Oxford fabric is woven from a blend of organic cotton and nylon to give this short four-way stretch, and a durable water-resistant treatment not only sheds water, but resists stains as well. Irritating seams have been moved away from the saddle area for comfortable pedaling, and tuck-away BioViz elements in the left cuff and a rear pocket flap add visibility when needed. Style touches and fit make this piece uniquely for women.

PEARL IZUMI Women's Rove Short

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