Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry S Case High material Display Storage $21 Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display, S Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories $21 Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display, S Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories and,Jewelry,/ctenophore26619.html,Storage,Display,,Cosmetics,Ikee,Case,www.theokellos.com,$21,Makeup,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,S,Design Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry S Case High material Display Storage and,Jewelry,/ctenophore26619.html,Storage,Display,,Cosmetics,Ikee,Case,www.theokellos.com,$21,Makeup,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,S,Design

Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Las Vegas Mall Jewelry S Case High material Display Storage

Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display, S


Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display, S

Product description

Color:4d) 1 Top 7 Drawers, Gray

Product Details

This makeup organizer helps you to store and display things in one place and easily accessible. It gives your vanity, desktop, countertop a neat and perfect look. Each set comes with 3 pieces of organizers that are stackable. We provide you the perfect size to be placed on the tabletop without taking too much space while storing your jewelry, cosmetics, and other accessories.


- Each package contains a top tray with 12 lipstick holders and 3 compartments, a 4-drawer organizer and a 3-drawer organizer.

- Made of durable PS material with see-through design. A high quality shatter resistance safeguards against injury and damage. It is thicker and more durable than the typical PS material makeup storage boxes, jewelry cases, and organizers.

- Keeping all your makeup brushes, eyeliner, mascara, cotton pads, eye shadow, q-tips and more well organized in one place.

- Each drawer comes with a knob which helps you to slide it out.

- You can arrange the setup in different ways, and if you stack them, they fit together so they won't move around during use.

- Perfect gift on any occasion like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Birthday for your family, friend, daughter, mom or anyone who needs to hold their makeup.


The top tray: 8 1/2”W x 4 3/8”D x 3 1/8”H; The 2 drawers when stacked together: 9 1/4”W x 5 3/8”D x 8 1/2”H.

Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display, S

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