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Heels Charm Women's Stiletto Open New arrival Toe Strappy Cross Free shipping on posting reviews

Heels Charm Heels Charm Women's Stiletto Open Toe Cross Strappy


Heels Charm Heels Charm Women's Stiletto Open Toe Cross Strappy

Product Description

Heels charm

Heels Charm Brand

Heels Charm is a fashion brand that always keep up with the lastest fashion trend.

Heels Charm do the shoes for more than 16 years of professsional shoemakers and experience.

Heels Charm's shoes with exquiste workmanship and classic ,timeless design.

Heels Charm shoes are are widely suitable for every women. And more widely be loved and favored by European aristocracy, the business community, party and wedding.

Paying close attention to Heels Charm ,you will have a different surprise.

Choose Heels Charm heels, Choose vogue! Choose elegant ! Choose the best dance partners. Heels charm is a must-have staple for any shoe closet.

Differenr Heights

Feature :

1.Three kinds of heights :1.97 inches(5cm) ,.3.35 inches(8.5cm),3.94 inches(10cm).Choose the height you perfect .

2.Open toe, adjustable cross buckle ankle strap,stiletto high heeled sandals.

3. Vamp: PU; outsole: Rubber. Manmade material,100% safe ,also fllow your protect environment principle.

4.Comfortable material ,Perfect for work,daily ,party , wedding , bridal, shopping , working , business and so on.

Timeless Design:

1.Three kinds of heights selection .Classic open toe stiletto heeled sandals,adjustable cross ankle strap design.

2. Classic color design ,will be easygoing with different kinds of dresses ,skirts ;make a sexy and beautiful statement .

3.Open toe, padded insole, non-slip outsole,every steardy step to help you get a sexy elegant look, support and keep your safe, comfortable, classic and latest stylish design, best gift for women.

Package Include : 1 pair of cross strap heeled sandals

Customers Service:

Heels Charm pursue better customer experience. If any problems or concerns, please feel free to let us know, We not only give to your satisfactory reply within 24 hours but also offer free return or exchanges service.

3 Heights Shoes

Heels Charm Heels Charm Women's Stiletto Open Toe Cross Strappy

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