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Ferrini Men's Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Boot Western Outlet Phoenix Mall ☆ Free Shipping

Ferrini Men's Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot


Ferrini Men's Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot

Product description

Ferrini boots are handcrafted with superb attention to detail These Ferrini cowboy boots feature an alligator belly print leather foot under an embroidered 13" leather shaft. Alligator print leather overlays accent pull straps. Leather lining. Low block roper heel. Double stitched welt. Square toe profile. Imported.

From the manufacturer


Each pair of Ferrini boots are handcrafted and include leather soles and lining, orthopedic cushioned foot bed and hand driven wooden pegs. The Ferrini full line of boots includes Genuine Exotics, Exotic Prints, amp; Classic Leather.

Ferrini Men's Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot

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