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Womens Two Piece Outfits Velvet Patchwork Long Sequin Oklahoma Limited time cheap sale City Mall Swe Sleeve

Womens Two Piece Outfits Velvet Sequin Patchwork Long Sleeve Swe


Womens Two Piece Outfits Velvet Sequin Patchwork Long Sleeve Swe

Product description

About Uni Clau Brand:


Uni Clau is a professional enterprise included design, production and sales.

We also have creative designers and pattern maker who created new product which meet the needs of the customers.

Uni Clau always keep the faith fashion is a kind of catalyst to make lift more colorful.

Womens Long Sleeve Pullover Tops and Pants Suits 2 Piece Tracksuit Outfits Jumpsuits Sweatsuit Set

-Material: Sequin + cotton + nylon;

-Pattern Type: Velvet Sequin Patchwork;

-Neck: Round Neck/Hooded;

-Closure Type: Pull on;

-Fit Type: Bodycon;

-Season: Spring, Autumn, Winter;

-Occasion: Casual, Party, Club, Sports, Yoga, Exercise, Fitness, Workout, Running, Jogging, Gym Wear etc.;

-Package Content: Long Sleeve Velvet Sequin Patchwork Sweatshirt+ Bodycon High Waist Long Pants.

Satisfaction Guranteed:

Your purchase is backed by our 100% satisfaction guranteed if you are not satisfied let us know and we will make it right.

Womens Two Piece Outfits Velvet Sequin Patchwork Long Sleeve Swe

Local Events

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